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If you watch TV at all you probably heard about director Billy Wilder's death on March 29th. As a major movie geek and aspiring writer/director, Wilder's films have influenced me greatly. My personal favorites are The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and the ultra-fine Shirley MacLain, Double Indemnity with Fred MacMurray and the sultry Barbra Stanwyck, Some Like It Hot with Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and the babe-a-licious Marylin Monroe, and Sabrina with Humphrey Bogart, William Holden, and the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn.

If you haven't seen his incredible body of work I suggest you do... Click here for a list of Billy Wilder's films on DVD.
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April 5 2002, 06:46:42 UTC 15 years ago

great site. used your search engine. the jen hilton and victoria d sites don't exist anymore, so you might want to remove 'em somehow. cheers- j
Thanks for the comments J. :)

Jen Hilton's official site is still working, but it looks like the fanbase site is no longer. I'll remove the links ASAP. Thanks!
My name is Pamela and I'm starting an LJ community for fans of Jessica Riddle. I saw that you have her listed as an interest so I wanted to extend an invitation to you to join it. I hope you accept it!

- Pamela
Sure, send me the link and I'll take a look. It's cool to know there are still fans out there even though Jessica hasn't been in the spotlight much in the last two years...
I can't actually link you up to it right now (b/c I'm DUMB) but it's jriddle_fans.

Or you can get to it thru my info page.

Glad to have you aboard!
Hehe, that's okay, I figured it out... Thanks for the invite. :)
no way dude... thanks for the acception!